Why low speed mobility scooters are popular in disabled or old people

Why low speed mobility scooters are popular in disabled or old people

The aged people always have disability of walking, while low speed mobility scooter is designed for this group. It is easily operated, and easy to use. The more important thing is the low speed can make old people drive with more safety. On the other hand, the low speed mobility scooters can adjust front handling and seats heights, it can make driver driving more comfortable. This kind of low speed mobility scooters are not heavy, the aged people can push it easily in special situation. In terms of price, the low speed mobility scooter are always cheap and being the best gift for parents from young people.

The advantages list as below

1/The mobility scooter works with low noise and environmental friendly.

2/Mobility scooters works total in security which is the most important thing to the old or disabled people.

3/3 & 4 wheels, small clearance distance, low center of gravity.

4/Seats is rotated, it make old or disabled people get the mobility scooter more convenient. Some scooters can also adjust their seats angle which is very humanized.

5/The controllers are imported from PG UK company, which ensure electromagnetic brake system, safer than manual brake.

6/This kind of scooter has low speed which is better for old and disabled driver.

7/The low speed mobility scooter drives with differential motor which has gear can offer more powered than hub motors.

8/Can be turned easily.

9/Small Min turning radius, can be used in small rooms.

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