How to choose a mobility scooter?

How to choose a mobility scooter?

In recent years, mobility scooter has been favored by the vast number of elderly people for its practicality, economy, convenience and other advantages. As everyone knows, the main users of scooters are the elderly and the disabled, so the structure design and performance design of the scooter must be safe and convenient. Choose a mobility scooter that suits you, mainly from the aspects of model, performance, operation, safety and comfort, and after-sales.

1. Model

The mobility scooters are divided into three-wheeled scooters and four-wheeled scooters. The editor believes that four-wheeled scooters have better stability than three-wheeled scooters. The mobility scooter can also be divided into two types: luxury and simple. The luxurious type has complete functions, but the price is high, the simple type has a simple structure, is economical and practical.

The first thing consumers see is the appearance of the mobility scooter. The appearance of the scooter will greatly affect the consumer's willingness to buy. The design of the scooter must meet the subjective feelings of users.

2. Performance

The performance of the mobility scooter determines the function.

The climbing ability of the mobility scooter must be strong, and it must have a reversing device. A good electric vehicle must have super climbing ability at a safe speed, even on slopes, zero start, and no run-up conditions. With reverse gear and reversing voice prompts, the braking performance of reversing should be better.

The center of gravity of the mobility scooter should be designed to be low, and the wheelbase should be designed to be wide. Among the mobility scooter with the same body width, the wider the wheelbase, the stronger the ground adhesion, the better steering control. It is not easy to roll over and has strong safety.

3. Easy to operate

When choosing a scooter for the elderly, it is recommended to choose a scooter with a simple product structure and easy operation. Some elderly electric vehicles with novel functions seem to be powerful, but in fact they are fancy. Firstly, there are many equipment, high failure rate and troublesome maintenance. Secondly, if the elderly forget to turn off the power supply, they will consume electricity and affect the next day's travel. Thirdly, there are many switches. In case of emergencies, the elderly do not deal with them in time and accidents are prone to occur.

4. Check accessories

Accessories should be complete. The strength requirements and performance requirements of mobility scooter components should be higher than bicycles. When purchasing, the user should look at the quality of the selected parts of the vehicle, such as: whether the frame is welded and the surface is defective, whether all parts are made in good quality, whether the dual supports are strong, whether the tires are brand-name, whether the fasteners are rust-proof, etc. . The elderly can also purchase accessories such as ceilings and baskets according to their needs.

5. Safety and comfort

The first element of the mobility scooter: safety.

First of all, the speed should be slow. Taking into account the actual physical condition of the elderly, the international standard for the speed of elderly electric vehicles is 8 kilometers per hour.

There must be a safety reflective sign design to ensure the safety of driving at night.

Secondly, comfort. The angle, height, and inclination of the chair can be adjusted to meet the user's ergonomics. The elderly are slow to respond to the body, so they must be comfortable. In order to avoid tiredness, pain and other discomforts after going home at night.

6. Brand

There are many brands of electric scooters for the elderly. Everyone should choose a good quality and reputable brand. Choose a brand with a long product line and fast update of new products, Yumbo, a mobility  scooter brand you can trust, with strong new product research and development capabilities, complete product categories, and high quality. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy.

7. After-sales service

Elderly electric vehicles are different from other products. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that can provide warranty during the warranty period. Yumbo, 24 hours online service for you, solve all after-sales problems for you, and give you a wonderful mobility scooter buying experience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The mobility scooter is a good partner for the elderly to travel. It is also a science to choose a safe, comfortable, cost-effective, and suitable for your old scooter. Have you learned it?